Pokémon Presents 24th June Expectations

Last week’s Pokémon Presents had some pretty unexpected announcements, most notably Pokémon Snap for Switch - which looks like it will be beautiful to play! Other than that we had Pokémon Café Mix, which is another game for both mobile and Switch, it looks pretty cute but it’s not a game I would have been… Continue reading Pokémon Presents 24th June Expectations


Remodelling the Legend – Link’s Awakening

4/5 - A fantastic nostalgia trip, filled with some great new features and a simply stunning art style. Yet missed some key points to justify its cost. Most people wouldn’t start their review with the score. However since the game has been out a while now, I figured most of my thoughts and opinions would… Continue reading Remodelling the Legend – Link’s Awakening

First Impressions

Anthem Beta – The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

Hey everyone! Just a quick little post today on my first impressions of Anthem from playing the Beta for it this past weekend. I have to say from what I did manage to play/see, I'm super excited for the full release of the game next month!  (TLDR; I actually really enjoyed it and will be… Continue reading Anthem Beta – The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful