About Luchia Houghton


My name is Luchia and I am a Corporate Document Writer who reads as much as possible! Writing for me is about more than just putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), it’s about creating a connection with people and helping them as much as possible.

I’m a Geography graduate from the University of Manchester, having achieved a 2.1 as my final grade. The reason I studied Geography is because I’m fascinated by the world – I love nature and different cultures. In June 2017, I began studying for a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing and to read more about this change in career, take a look here. I’ve recently completed my MSc Digital Marketing – gaining a Merit overall – having written my dissertation on social media marketing for the book publishing industry.

Email: contact@luchiahoughton.com


I adore taking photographs, especially when it comes to animals and landscapes. I’m very fortunate to have been able to travel a lot, and I always make sure that my camera is ready for any opportunity that presents itself. I received my first DSLR camera (a Nikon D3000) for my GCSE results way back in 2010, which feels like a lifetime ago now! Whilst in my first year of University at the University of Manchester, I took photos for the the Mancunion – which was the on campus and online university newspaper. I had several of my photos published whilst doing this including some as ‘Photo of the Week’. From Summer 2016 I started to take things more seriously, resulting in myself being in a position where I wanted my own site to be able to display my photographs (and write a little too, another of my passions). I love crafting things, including making dragons out of polymer clay. I have an Etsy store also but I’m currently focusing on some other little projects – hopefully I’ll be active on it again soon though!

This website was set up with a lot of help from Jamie Gregory.

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