Pokémon GO Fest 2020

I’ll start with this, GO Fest wasn’t what I was expecting but on the whole, I did enjoy the weekend. There were glitches throughout though which really put a downer on it at the time, but I’m definitely happy with some of the catches!

Day One

The first day was more like an incense day, like the recent one where Sentret spawned a lot throughout, but in this case the recurring Mon I guess would be Unown (pretty cool since it’s so rare).

Now, in advance for this day I bought incense from the shop and then the first special task gave you enough incense for the day. Not the worst thing to have more incense but when one of the tasks also gave you 200 great balls… inventory space was difficult to find for some!

Rotating habitats came with different benefits and our first was the Battle habitat. Now, this was the hour Gible was spawning but sadly all of the global challenge comprised doing raids which took a lot of time from checking for shinies! For the second Battle hour I gave up on raids and focused solely on checking Gible and Dratini but sadly no luck for me, in hindsight I wish I focused completely on trying for shinies in the first hour.

The next hour was Friendship and on completion of the global challenge, gifts would have a rare candy in… this is where the servers basically died. The first hour we did it quickly and I got around 30 rare candies (I was still shiny checking a lot) which was awesome. For the second hour though? The friends list broke. US time zone had just come into the game and the only way to describe it is that the game had a complete meltdown meaning that you couldn’t get any rare candies that hour.

If that was the only glitch I’d pretty much be okay with it, annoyed but you’d expect it with so many being logged on. However, throughout the day Mons wouldn’t let you click them, instead the game would freeze and you’d have to restart it fully. And remote raids? The issues with them were ridiculous. I had four raids that just full-on broke on me, and when I was invited to them it would eat up my remote pass and not let me rejoin to catch! I complained about two of the instances and got my remote passes back for them but I still lost out on two. I think Niantic should have tried the invite system for a lot longer prior to GO Fest to make sure these issues had been dealt with.

I came out with just three shinies the first day, which kind of shocked me because people talk about how good the shiny rates are for GO Fest? But then with the amount it just wouldn’t let me see maybe I missed a good few from that. (All-in-all I had that bug happen around 50 times in first day alone).

Day Two

A lot had a negative say on day two but I actually really enjoyed it. There were a lot of Grunts to fight yes but they were quick, even Giovanni could be beaten by using one single Vaporeon. This day had several more legendary raids again too, including – both forms of Giratina, Palkia and Dialga. I didn’t have any of these before so I was very happy to see them included! 

Again though, the issue with raids happened again this day. It was upsetting with so many great legendaries but pretty much to be expected with the amount of traffic that would have been on the game. 

My shiny luck was a lot better for Day Two and I ended up with nine more shiny Pokémon. This included the shiny Seviper that was my ultimate want from the weekend since it’s not available in my region. 

I was also a big fan of the Team GO Rocket side because I didn’t have any of the legendary Gen 1 birds which were the leader Mon rewards, and I ended up with a purified Hundo Articuno and Mewtwo! 


On the whole, the event had both good and bad things to it. Without the glitches it would have been fantastic for me, but it is totally to be expected that with such large traffic some problems would happen.

Overall shinies obtained were: two Woobat, Unown, two Durant, event hat Charmander, Alolan Grimer, Seviper, Tangela, Alolan Marowak, two Zangoose. I traded one of the Woobat with Jordan for a shiny Sableye though because I’d been after one for so long!

Makeup Event

In light of the server issues throughout GO Fest, we’ll be getting a makeup event on August 16th. It’ll only be between the local hours of 11am and 2pm but during this time we can open up to 200 gifts with the chance for rare candies – something I’m very excited for! Fire, Water and Friendship will be covered in that order, so for UK/US players that means another hour for a chance of shiny Heatmor! I’m really glad that Niantic is doing something to make up for the glitches during the event.

 – If you joined in with Pokémon GO Fest, what did you think of it? –
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