Pokémon Presents 24th June Expectations

Last week’s Pokémon Presents had some pretty unexpected announcements, most notably Pokémon Snap for Switch – which looks like it will be beautiful to play!

Other than that we had Pokémon Café Mix, which is another game for both mobile and Switch, it looks pretty cute but it’s not a game I would have been expecting. We also had a reveal for Pokémon Smile, a game to encourage children to brush their teeth twice a day, along with some more on the first Sword/Shield expansion which was playable straight after.

All-in-all, the presentation was lacking in the reveal of a big game. They did, however, announce a second Presents today which should have a big reveal…

Last week’s Presents had a background which seemed to hint at what we could be expecting… there were A LOT of Johto plushies. It might not be the Sinnoh remake many were hoping for, but a second Let’s Go game featuring Johto looks incredibly likely.

Honestly, I’m really hoping for this to be revealed. I loved Let’s Go Eevee and I would love to be able to move even more of my GO mons across! I already have a shiny Totodile and Cyndaquil ready to go.

The Kanto Let’s Go games were Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu… Maybe Johto will be Let’s Go Marill and Let’s Go Aipom? Two catchy and short titles, and of course Aipom got a pretty good scene in Detective Pikachu so he’d be a pretty good bet. Personally, as an Eeveelution lover, Let’s Go Espeon and Let’s Go Umbreon would go down a treat with me – I’d have to buy both though!

The background also had a couple of Detective Pikachu items, so maybe we’re also getting more information on Detective Pikachu 2 today – a trailer would be great!

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