Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon are rare to find and essentially have colour variants. For a collector, they’re a great addition as (usually) it takes a lot of work to get a shiny!

First appearing in Generation 2 (Johto) games, shiny Pokémon can either be hatched from eggs or encountered in the wild. With the exception of Pokémon Let’s Go, they can’t be seen as shiny in the overworld, but only once you properly start the encounter will they shine with stars. For an idea of just how rare they are, the odds of encountering a shiny in Pokémon Sword/Shield are 1/4096.

Personally, I love shiny Pokémon and I’m trying to get as many as possible right now!

Lowering the Odds

Of course there are ways to decrease this drastically, with the main one being getting a shiny charm. Collect all 400 Pokémon in your Dex in Sword/Shield and the odds will decrease to 1/1365.33. Not exactly an easy feat, but easier for sure. You can further increase your chances with battling the Pokémon you want to be shiny and potentially through catch combos – as with in Let’s Go.

Pokémon GO is pretty interesting though for shiny hunting. Odds normally are around 1/450 and when a shiny variant has just been introduced into the game they go down to around 1/45, making the mobile app perfect for shiny hunting.

Another notable way of getting shiny Pokémon is through shiny dens in Sword/Shield. I’m not really too sure how they work but I’ve ended up in a couple from the Y-comm randomly though and as far as I know when someone gets a shiny den they just keep reopening it.

Regardless of the lengths you take to lower the odds a shiny is in no way guaranteed. Even in the case of Let’s Go – I’ve chained Bulbasaur three times with 31 catches and only ever seen other Pokémon end up shining. Personally, my aim whilst we’re stuck in lockdown is to catch/hatch as many shiny Pokémon as possible.

My Collection

Whilst I’m chasing as many shiny Pokémon as possible, I thought it’d be fun to introduce a fortnightly post to this blog with updates of new shiny Pokémon collected! For a bit of background, I actually only got my first shiny last September – a shiny Zubat I just bumped into on Let’s Go. Since then my collection has expanded a fair bit… especially on Pokémon GO. I’ll split this next bit up into GO, Home and Sword collections for a bit of ease.

Pokémon GO

The first shiny I caught on GO was my golden Magikarp back in January. I’ll forever be kicking myself because only specific Pokémon Community Days I’ve taken part in were the Abra and Seedot events (forever kicking myself because I missed out on shiny Piplup, that is). Community Days are great because you get so many spawns of the Pokémon you’re practically guaranteed a shiny (I got 35 shiny Seedot).

A couple of these have been from trades, but otherwise I’ve been pretty lucky with having incense on for most of them, the exceptions being Vaporeon (which was from the special research task for a shiny Eevee encounter), Lapras (random encounter for another special research task) and Snubbull/Granbull (from the special research day for that Mon).

May’s Throwback event seriously helped my collection to grow also! Very excited to see how many I end up with! It’s only a few days after the above screenshot but I now have a total of 106 shiny Pokémon in GO (51 being for trades… Still desperate for a shiny Piplup).

Pokémon Home

So 11 of the above Mons (being two Dragonites, Spearow, Weedle, Machop, Bellsprout, Seel, two Beedrills, Chansey and Zubat) were all caught in Let’s Go and moved over to Home. I actually moved the Abra line from GO to Let’s Go and then Home, and I’m planning to do the same for more of my Mons in GO that can be transferred in that way (essentially any from Kanto). Giratina and Cacturne were both gifts from Jordan and Crobat was from a Wonder Box trade! Had a couple of others from GTS trades but… let’s just say I’m not 100% sure they’re legit.

Pokémon Sword/Shield

I was planning on including my collection of shiny Pokémon from Sword here but honestly, I’ve ended up with way too many. The game includes a mechanic where you can encounter shiny Pokémon in Raid Dens, and one thing people do with these is keep them open and host them.

It’s fairly easy to find people hosting Shiny Dens, so I’ve ended up with quite a nice collection. The best place to check out my own collection is my Instagram account – @PlayReadRepeat – where I’ll be posting camp photos with my shiny Mons!

 – What are your favourite shiny Pokémon? –
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