Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The perfect game to get lost in, especially for right now.

Let’s be honest, 2020 in general has been terrible for just about everyone in the world. In the UK, we’re stuck in a lockdown for who knows how long and for most it’s as though the world has just stopped completely.

The new Animal Crossing game on Switch (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) came out at the perfect time to help a lot of people feel at least a little bit better. Originally, I had no intention of buying the game myself. The only game I’d intended to buy last month was Doom: Eternal, but I haven’t bought that because I’m hours and hours into Animal Crossing.

The bare bones of the game, for those that don’t know, is you get a deserted island and a couple of residents and the idea is you make the island into a paradise home. You end up with ten residents in total and they’re all adorable. For real. You can also invite characters using amiibos and amiibo cards (your best bet for buying them now is eBay as they’re sold out practically everywhere, check out the ones you can get here!)

At the beginning of playing, there’s a lot of work for you to do to get your island to start looking its best! It’ll be covered with weeds and you start off basically by tidying it up. Fortunately, you can sell the weeds etc to Timmy and Tommy Nook and start making that all-important money for your housing costs.

One of the reasons why I caved for this game though is 100% the chance to dig for fossils. Growing up I was a huge fan of dinosaurs and I couldn’t wait to have a museum full of skeletons! The museum curator, Blathers, is an owl you meet quite early on after taking some samples of insects and fish to Tom Nook. Blathers is one of my all-time favourites. His enthusiasm for fossils is adorable and his disgust in insects is mostly relatable too.

Blathers isn’t the only adorable character though, there are so many you meet that you can’t help but love! My personal favourites are Celeste (Blathers sister who tells you about wishing on stars), Flick (a cool lizard who will buy insects off you and make sculptures from them as well), Isabelle and one of my residents – Rosie. Rosie is my adorable little ‘Moon Cat’ who I used an amiibo card to get.

Sometimes Celeste will tell you myths around the things you take to her

Wishing on stars is great because the next day you can have your beaches covered in stars. All you have to do on the night is press A (not holding anything) whilst looking up at the sky and your character will do an adorable little motion whilst the star sparkles.

So, there’s wishing on stars, fishing, insect hunting and general designing… but another super fun thing is to collect outfits and just dress your character up! I’ve had some super cool things off a character called Gulliver, who I’ll talk about next, but people also create their own amazing designs and I’ve noticed a lot of things in the clothes shop look pretty similar to some much-loved Disney films! (I’ve even got a power suit which I’m 99% sure is supposed to look like Iron Man).

Gulliver is a drunken seagull. He gets shipwrecked on your island and when you’ve found his five missing phone components then the next day he’ll send you something awesome. Personal favourite presents so far include a Pagoda, Stonehenge and even the leaning tower of Pisa. He’s slightly annoying to deal with because he says the same thing each time but it’s so worth it for the gifts, I wish he got shipwrecked on my island every day!

The game is also great when it comes to playing with your friends. You get one fruit growing on your island so from the get-go it encourages you to play with others so you can start growing all of them.

That’s kind of the summary of how I’m finding playing my first ever Animal Crossing game but if you couldn’t tell – I love this game. I’m very happy I took a risk with it because it’s just so wholesome which is great for my own mental health right now and I’ve heard it’s helping a lot of others too.

The only thing I really don’t like about it is that I can’t add any more residents. I understand it’s so the island is still a paradise but I’d just love the chance to add more cuties to my game! Regardless, I’ll be inviting visitors to my camp site as much as possible, if nothing else they usually give you recipes to make things for them!

Rosie is my favourite resident!

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