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Play Read Repeat Etsy Store

For those of you who don’t know, I run an Etsy store with a focus on selling nerdy art (of course).

Now, up until this week it was called ArtByLuchia, but honestly things just got very confusing to manage and considering I also wanted an Instagram focused on my general photography I had to streamline things a little.

My Etsy store has been renamed to PlayReadRepeat for ease, and I’ll make the occasional post on here for new projects! (Sneak peak of one below… and a coupon code for 15% off? Why not!)

This little fella will be a one-off on the site, I just couldn’t resist making him after all of the Baby Yoda brainwashing! Pretty sure he’ll just about fit into a frame too but I’ll be trying that out tomorrow night.

Current products include polymer clay dragons, a couple of Hama pieces (so many more to come though), and a couple of handmade dragon eggs.

In celebration of the fact I’m going to be completely changing it up (including new photos of current products and new products to come) then from now until the end of the month you can grab 15% off all items with the following code: 2020REVAMP


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