Pokémon Center London

On Saturday 19th October last year we took a trip down to London for what some might think was a crazy reason – purely to visit the Pokémon Center Pop-Up shop there for the run up to Sword and Shield.

Honestly, it was a ridiculously long day but I’d do it again in a heartbeat! (Albeit I’d plan better and make sure we had a hotel for the night etc). Our hauls were ace and it was a pretty fun day all-in-all.

The Day

After what was probably the worst coach journey ever, we got an Uber to Westfield mall and joined the queue at around 7am. This was three hours before the shop opened yet it was already a huge queue by then.

Special mention – The security at the mall were great and did their best to get as many inside as they could, routinely getting us to condense as much as possible but without having us feel claustrophobic.

The system getting into the shop was basically to let a bunch in and then more when some had come out, I understand that some people wanted to spend as long as possible in there though but this led to the issue that even we didn’t get in until after 1pm, six hours of waiting was pretty brutal. (And more and more torturous the closer we got).

Being in the queue wasn’t the worst thing though, as of course there were a lot of others who wanted to play Pokémon Go and talk about Pokémon in general! So as painful as it was it was still nice.

The Haul

We both came back with a pretty great haul each, including six super cute plushies! I picked up Alolan Vulpix, Sobble, Squirtle and the exclusive Pikachu, with Jordan grabbing Blastoise and the exclusive Pikachu. Each of us picked up a backpack too, I went with the Eeveelution one whilst Jordan got one covered in Gen 8 starters. Then I also fed my pin addiction a little with the exclusive pin on sale on the day (an adorable London Pikachu)!

Considering these were my first official Pokémon store plushies, I completely understand why so many people want them. The quality is amazing and they’re so ridiculously soft it’s untrue! Plus… Alolan Vulpix is the cutest thing. They weren’t priced too expensive either, I think my most expensive was the Pikachu at £20. Granted, some went up to £50 but these were very large plushes of Mew, Wailord etc. (I really wish Mew had been there when I went though!).

Pokémon Center London 2020

So, the Pokémon Center Pop-Up is already coming back this year! We know so far that it’ll be open during the 2020 Pokémon World Championships, which are on during August 14-16th. I’m hoping it’ll be open for longer than just this though but we’re still waiting on more information, I’ll most definitely be returning though!

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