First Impressions

Anthem Beta – The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

Hey everyone! Just a quick little post today on my first impressions of Anthem from playing the Beta for it this past weekend. I have to say from what I did manage to play/see, I’m super excited for the full release of the game next month!

 (TLDR; I actually really enjoyed it and will be preordering the exclusive copy from Amazon!)

I didn’t really end up getting that much game time on Anthem overall, and well I guess I can’t skip around it too much but on Friday night of course the Xbox servers were suffering massively from the amount of people trying to play! I got to see that scene from the above capture like 100 times whilst painfully trying to get on, until eventually I ended up on Destiny 2. But I get it, there were a lot of people interested in playing the Beta so really it’s just a testament to how many people are interested before it’s even been released! One thing about this which is good though, hopefully we’ll see a massive improvement when the game is actually released because EA will have been able to prepare for it. So yeah, I get it was annoying, I really do. But I’d much rather it happen for a limited game play Beta than the actual full release.

You start out at Fort Tarsis, which is essentially base camp. There isn’t really that much you can can do here in the Demo, but there’s a lot of things we’ll be able to do with the full release at least! Of course this is also where you’ll find your javelin, which you can hop in to start missions etc.

I did play part of one Expedition, but I made use of the matchmaking tool for it so I don’t feel like I started at the beginning of it. That is one thing I really liked though, the idea that I don’t need to be in a group of four to play (totally related note, if you’re on Xbox and planning to get this… feel free to add me).

As well as Expeditions (which appeared to be the missions) you can free play. I had a lot of fun basically just flying around and getting the hang of the controls with this but I guess with the full release we’ll have a lot more training before we get into the big missions.

The World

I knew this game would look good based off the game play clips already but… It was just gorgeous. Beautiful scenery with unique creatures to match, I loved this weird rhino-ish animal below and I’m super excited to see more of the world in the art book!

So yeah, in short I had a lot of fun with this Beta and I’m looking forward to the full release of the game! There’s also a graphic novel due to be released in August which you can view here. And… Amazon has an exclusive glowing steelbook available for preorder!

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