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Upcoming Games in 2019

Okay so I’m super excited for a couple of games which are supposed to be out this year (finally), so I just wanted to write a little post about some of them!

These are my top five releases hopefully all due out this year, in alphabetical order as I’m pretty much excited for them all equally!

Anthem – 22nd February 2019

Anthem looks set to be amazing and I’ve had my eye on it since it was first announced now. I’m a huge fan of Destiny and I’ve definitely been getting similar vibes to that for a while now.

One of the biggest things I’m excited for though is just how beautiful it is! I’ve already gone and preordered the art book because of that and I’m definitely a fan of the multiplayer aspect (quite possibly owing to Destiny again but…).

There’s also the fact it’s an EA game, and when it comes to suits they got Titanfall pretty spot on!

One thing I’m not sure about though is the whole third person thing, it’ll take some time to get used to. I mean I’ll have played through all of Gears by then so maybe I’ll be used it already! Nevertheless, it looks sure to be one awesome game!

Cyberpunk 2077 – TBC 2019

Cyberpunk 2077 looks set to be a seriously exciting game, and I love how it’s from the creators of Witcher Wild Hunt because you just know it’ll be beautiful! The gameplay revealed so far looks pretty awesome too, full of action and choices.

Doom Eternal – TBC 2019

Bethesda games are usually one of my weaknesses (Fallout 76 aside, so far anyway) and I really loved the last Doom (2016) so I’m definitely excited for the sequel to it!

Gears 5 – TBC 2019

2016’s Gears of War 4 was the first Gears I’d owned and played all the way through but it was just so unbelievably fun, I’ve started playing through them all from the beginning in anticipation for the fifth. I’m really excited for how Kait will be the main protagonist too as her story looks set to be super interesting!

The game is also stated to be the largest yet, giving the potential for side quests and more of an open world feel which I can definitely get behind.

Halo Infinite – TBC 2019

Halo Infinite is due to have a fresh new art style and it looks beautiful! There’s a chance this won’t be out in 2019 but I’m really hoping it’ll be at least an early 2020 release. I’ve recently started reading some of the Halo books though and I’m just really enjoying getting to know the lore behind the games!

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