OwlCrate Unboxing April 2018 | Shadows and Secrets

The theme for this months OwlCrate box was ‘Shadows and Secrets’ and well, no surprise that I loved the box again! The items were inspired by Harry Potter, The Young Elites, Six of Crows and The Mortal Instruments.

I haven’t read the majority of these but the items are beautiful so I don’t mind! Plus the extra item and the book included… Definitely can’t complain!

The Book

So who remembers my recent ‘Meet the Characters‘ post? I’ve been excited for this book since I had the chance to be involved in that FFBC blog tour, and I really love the OwlCrate exclusive cover for the book too – Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody!

The cover isn’t all that different to the original but I think it helps make the design stand out by having the background lighter, plus it’s another signed copy! There was also an author letter and exclusive postcard set which is pretty neat.



Firstly apologies for not having a photo of this out of the bag! I currently don’t have my last OwlCrate pillow on my bed as I have different bedding on for now, so I’m keeping this safe until I put it back on again. Anyway though this is another gorgeous, matching, pillowcase designed as an exclusive again by Stella Bookish Art. It has a quote from Crooked Kingdom on it, ‘When you can’t beat the odds, change the game’, which is completely perfect considering this month’s book!



From the Bones Coffee Company, this coffee is in such awesomely designed packaging! It’s an exclusive blend of dark chocolate and sea salt, I’m not a fan of coffee even though I wish I could drink it but I might brave trying this one day.

Excerpt Booklet…

As an added bonus OwlCrate included an exclusive three-chapter Legendary sampler! I still need to read Caraval (I know, I’m judging myself for that too) but I actually have an eARC for Legendary since I was approved for it on NetGalley.


Okay so this smells as great as it looks! The Shadowhunter inspired soap is from Three Sisters Apothecary by Soap Cauldron. I have the majority of Cassandra Clare’s books because I’m a fan of TMI movie and Netflix show, I know I’ll enjoy them so hopefully I’ll get round to starting them soon, but I do get scared when a series has more than four books in it so that’s possibly why I’ve been avoiding it so far.


The Harry Potter inspired item was a set of pencils created in collaboration with Jubilee Designs. I love Harry Potter of course but I don’t often use pencils, still though I do love the quotes on them though.

Vinyl Sticker

This vinyl sticker is inspired by The Young Elites, and designed by Jamila Mehio. Again, I’ve yet to read these but it’s definitely another pretty item included!


Yet another box that I have no complaints about! My favourite items were probably the pillowcase and everything related to Ace of Shades. I might not be a coffee or pencil fan but I do still like those items, and the only minor issue I have is that I’ll never be able to use the soap because it’s far too pretty!

Next Month – Fight Like a Girl 

From OwlCrate themselves:

‘⚔ We’re firm believers that the world could always use a bit more girl power! Our May box is inspired by some of our all-time favorite literary heroines.
⚔ Our book pick is a brutal Viking-inspired tale featuring a main character who is a warrior in every sense of the word. It’s a story about fighting for what you believe in, the bonds between family, and what loyalty truly means.
⚔ The book will also be an OwlCrate exclusive edition which will be SIGNED by the author!
⚔ There will be kick-butt goodies inspired by characters from Children of Blood and Bone, A Court of Wings and Ruin, Harry Potter, Six of Crows and more! This is a super packed box that is absolutely filled with awesome items!

Recently, they’ve also announced that this box will have a second book which is an indie release also with an exclusive cover! And it will also have an enamel pin, which I’m hoping for it to be either for Harry Potter or ACOWAR!

Personally I’m very happy that there’ll be an extra book as I’m 95% sure I’ve read the main book (but I was hoping to get a hardcover copy so I’m glad it’s probably that book anyway).

I’m so excited for the box to arrive, but I definitely think it’s about time I read Six of Crows soon since I’m amounting so many inspired items!

Do you subscribe to any book boxes?
If you’d like to get an OwlCrate subscription check out this link!


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4 thoughts on “OwlCrate Unboxing April 2018 | Shadows and Secrets

    1. I’m 90% sure I know as I was about preorder it when OwlCrate announced the May box! I’m so excited, already read it too so I won’t be as behind… except no I will because there’s an extra book :’)


  1. I can’t wait for this month’s box as I’ve been dying to read the book. I’ve received the last two boxes and loved the quality of all the items. Definitely great value for money. The only thing that disappointed me was the stickers on the postcards which tore when you opened them!


    1. I definitely think OwlCrate are one of the best book boxes you can get! And I get that with the postcards, though I think that would have been more of a result of the publisher having put them together like that so OwlCrate are still well and truly in my good books! 🙂


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