OwlCrate Unboxing March 2018 | Across the Galaxy

Time for another OwlCrate unboxing! March 2018’s theme was ‘Across the Galaxy’, with items inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy, The Illuminae Files, The Lunar Chronicles and Star Wars. They also included a lovely item which was the first of it’s kind they’ve ever included in a box!

The Book

I ruin this for myself every time. But I was still excited to see this in person! This month’s book is Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston with exclusive stained pages (in my favourite colour – purple!) and yet again signed! There’s also a poster for the book included which is pretty neat.

I haven’t read this yet but the synopsis looks pretty much perfect, it’s been called a retelling of Anastasia but set in space, and Anastasia was one of my favourite films as a child! So I’m definitely excited for this read.

Infinity Scarf

So this is the item which hasn’t been included in a box before, a galaxy print infinity scarf, and it’s so pretty! It looks so gorgeous next to the stained purple pages of the book too and I’m just in love with it. Can’t wait to wear it when(/if) it stops snowing in the UK! It’s been made exclusively for OwlCrate too which is awesome.


Hey so I have another book candle 😅 This month’s candle is inspired by The Illuminae Files and created by Wick and Fable. There were two versions that came in the boxes and I got the ‘Kady Grant’ candle, which smells of blood orange and it has glitter in it too! It smells gorgeous but it’s yet another candle I’d feel bad burning as it just looks too pretty… The other potential candle was a blue ‘Hannah Donnelly’ version. I’ve only just started Illuminae but apparently these are two heroines from the series which is pretty cool!


I love the design of this mug! Based on The Lunar Chronicles and designed by artist Sasha Natasha, it’s a gorgeous light purple colour and it just fits in with the rest of the box so well too!


The Star Wars item is a watercolour bookmark! Personally I’m drowning in bookmarks yet at the same time keep losing them… so I’m pretty happy to have this, plus the design is beautiful! If there was ever a space version quote of ‘Once Upon a Time…’ this would be it. This is designed by Lexy Olivia and again has a gorgeous purple colour scheme to it!


The box also had this pretty cool Red Rising quote on a print, by Nerdy Post. Again… sadly I haven’t read this book! But Nerdy Post do a pretty cool subscription box full of fandom artwork.

Funko Pint Sized Hero

I’m pretty happy with this because for those of you who don’t know me well, I have a massive Funko obsession. I have most of the Guardians and a couple of exclusives already but honestly I could never say no to another! I pulled out a little Gamora out of my mystery bag which I’m happy with as she’s one of my all time favourite female superheroes!


I loved this box (again), especially because of all the purple items! I might not have read any of the books (I’m seriously lacking on my sci-fi reads) but I have Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles) and Illuminae ready and waiting, even more looking forward to it after these items! I think the scarf made the box so much better too, it’s such good quality and I love how wearable it will be once the weather improves.

Next Month – Shadows & Secrets 

From OwlCrate themselves:

‘It’s time to announce the theme of our April box…SHADOWS & SECRETS!
Do you enjoy mischief in the moonlight? Back-alley deals and dangerous games?
Our April book pick will take you on a journey through a sinful city full of characters with loose morals, secret identities and sly tricks. The world building is enchanting, with a mysterious plot that will hook you immediately!
The book will be an exclusive edition, and will be signed by the author!
This exciting box will be filled with goodies inspired by Six of Crows, The Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, The Young Elites and more!’

Harry Potter… and I’m pretty sure I know what the book will be too and honestly I’m so excited for it! I can’t wait to see what’s in the box but yet another signed book?! That’ll make every single 2018 box up to April so far a signed book…

OwlCrate, you rock.


Do you subscribe to any book boxes?
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