OwlCrate Unboxing February 2018 | Hidden Worlds

Time for another OwlCrate unboxing! February 2018’s theme was ‘Hidden Worlds’, with items inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Coraline and Narnia. It was another great box and I loved the quality of the items overall!

The Book

I won’t lie, I knew it was going to be The Hazel Wood. So in terms of reviewing it, here’s one I wrote earlier thanks to NetGalley! Again this book is signed inside by the author, Melissa Albert, and I absolutely love this OwlCrate exclusive hardcover thanks to a number of reasons!

First up, 100% I have always preferred the US version of the book – it just screams fairy tales to me – so the fact this is the same but just with a green cover instead of black is awesome for me! Next up, it was swapped to green specifically as the fairy tale book ‘Tales from the Hinterland’ is described as being green. And last but not least, I actually have a Barnes and Noble gift edition of Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales which is in green, silver and gold so they match perfectly! Then there’s the chapters with the fairy tales in… they’re illustrated with a border and I love how they stand out! This OwlCrate exclusive edition also comes with a letter from Melissa and an exclusive sticker sheet.

Side note, a copy of Tales from the Hinterland is due for release in 2020, and if it isn’t the same colour scheme I may cry a little because the perfectness of these is just too much…

Skeleton Key Pendent Necklace

This is inspired by the key in Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, which I listened to the audiobook of this month in preparation for the box! Honestly it’s one of my favourite items. I think it helps that I’m a little obsessed with jewellery but even the quality of it is so great! This is an exclusive designed by OwlCrate themselves.


Okay, so I think this was the least exciting item for me just because I’ve got so many book candles lately, and they’re starting to just get a little repetitive? It’s created by Books on Candles and smells very much so like a forest – inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia. I guess what I prefer about this candle though is it’s a lot simpler with an opaque lid that will hide the fact that I’ve used it! (I’m terrified of using candles that has glass/transparent cases because then I’ll see them going down).

Zipper Pouch

So this is inspired by Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and I’ll be honest and say I’ve yet to read it but I definitely think this is an adorable item! I love the design and even though I’m not familiar with the book it’s one of my favourite items for definite. It’s illustrated exclusively by Risa Rodil for OwlCrate.


Designed by Naomi Lord, this is such an adorable little sticker of Alice and the White Rabbit. I’ve got it on my wall already white tacked on, I’m not a fan of sticking down stickers since I tend to change my mind on placement too easily…

Wall Tapestry

I’m not kidding, this thing is huge. I’ve had to put it on my double bed because I honestly have no where else it can go in my room! But how gorgeous is it? It was designed by the wonderful Evie Bookish. Evie has products available on both Society6 and RedBubble.


I did really like this box, even though The Hazel Wood itself isn’t one of my favourite reads ever, but just the quality of the extra items alone makes it another great box! I love how OwlCrate have never let me down, but I’m definitely even more excited for next month’s box…

Next Month – Across The Galaxy 🚀

From OwlCrate themselves:

‘This box is perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed of joining a crew of misfits, hopping on a spaceship, and exploring the stars!
Our book pick is an incredibly fun tale inspired by the story of Anastasia, but set in space! We know you’ll fall in love with the many diverse characters in this book and will have a blast going on adventures with them.
The book will be an exclusive edition with special stained pages (similar to how the pages from Six of Crows look, but a totally different color!). We’ve never included a book with stained pages before, and we can’t wait for you to see how beautiful it looks! And what’s even better? The book will also be signed by the author!
There will be items inspired by The Illuminae Files, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars and more! There will also be an absolutely stunning wearable item – we’ve received lots of requests for an item like this…we can’t wait for you to see it!’

Another signed book instead of just a book plate. And it’s got stained pages. And I’m pretty sure I know what book it will be. And GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!!!

For the record, Guardians of the Galaxy is my all time favourite superhero film. So I’ll love whatever is included inspired by that! (I’m praying for like a Groot scarf though or something… how adorable would that be?!)

I love Star Wars too, and I have Illuminae just waiting for me to get the time to read it. So this box is already a winner with me obviously!

Do you subscribe to any book boxes?
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