Book Review | The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One by Amanda Lovelace

Poetry is one of my more hidden loves when it comes to reading. My mother actually writes a little poem in every birthday card she gives me and she has done for as long as I can remember, so I guess that’s encouraged my love for it.

After I read The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace, Lauren told me that the sequel was actually available as Read Now on NetGalley. I was so excited I downloaded it straight away!

Title: The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One
Series: Women are some kind of magic #2
Author: Amanda Lovelace
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Release Date: 6th March 2018
Pages: 208
Source: eARC provided through NetGalley by Andrews McMeel Publishing (this in no way affects my review which is honest and unbiased)


Goodreads Synopsis:

‘The witch: supernaturally powerful, inscrutably independent, and now—indestructible. These moving, relatable poems encourage resilience and embolden women to take control of their own stories. Enemies try to judge, oppress, and marginalize her, but the witch doesn’t burn in this one.


Content/trigger warnings: mention of eating disorders, rape, abuse, self harm, death, violence.

The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One is a continuation collection from The Princess Saves Herself in this One, including even more empowering stories for women and girls to read about. The poetry in it is, of course, as amazing as the first in the series. It is moving and great for empowering females or just anyone who can relate. As with the first book, structurally it is split into 4 sections: ‘the trial’; ‘the burning’; ‘the firestorm’; and ‘the ashes’. The messages are still as important as in the first book, but I felt like I couldn’t connect with the poems as well because they felt similar to the first.

Some of the pages truly stand out and make an important note, especially the pages surrounding sexual assault. The describe things we should discuss more openly but rarely are brave enough to, Amanda manages to portray these subjects in an incredibly moving way.

I really found myself relating to so many of the poems, as with the first collection, one which stuck with me the most was:

In terms of feminism, I think her series really helps to take away from the negative views of feminism and focus on what feminism is really about. If I hadn’t read the first collection of poems prior to The Witch…, I would most certainly be giving this a 5 star review. I adore how straight talking Amanda is about issues which we should be less afraid of discussing.

I can’t wait for the next collection of poems, I have the first in a print copy and I’ve already preordered a print copy of The Witch… as I truly believe that these poems are inspiring and motivating, perfect for picking yourself up on a bad day!


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