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Bookstagram is basically book posts on Instagram, and I’m really enjoying it lately however the amount of things it makes me want due to other’s awesome photos is ridiculous!

I just wanted to do a quick little post on some amazing photos I’ve seen on Instagram lately, based on the props involved! I’ve stuck to one example per prop – for the sake of not having a massively long post, but feel free to link to your own posts in the comments! ♡

1. A Dagger/Sword

Okay so Bookstagram has basically taught me that any photo is made 100x cooler when a sword or dagger is included. Bonus points if there’s one on the cover too!


2. Cloth Banners

I love the idea of a cloth banner for pins! I don’t have anywhere near as many as this yet for it to look this impressive but it just looks so pretty! I can definitely imagine one on the side of my bookcase.

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3. Scrapbook

A scrapbook for your favourite books would be so cool! I love this example below, and I wish my writing looked half as good as theirs!


4. Bookish Candles

I’ve wanted one of these for a while so I was definitely happy when one came in my last OwlCrate box! They’re just so pretty especially teamed up with matching books.

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5. Funko Pop! Vinyls

There are so many Pop!s for different things that I love – superheroes, video games, Game of Thrones – that I’ve basically been collecting them since 2014, as soon as they became a regular in Forbidden Planet stores! But Bookstagram introduces something pretty cool, people who make custom book character Pop! Vinyls. As you can see, some are just too awesome for words…

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6. Bookish Jewellery

So this probably wouldn’t be for everyone – I admit I’m a bit of a Niffler when it comes to shiny things – but book inspired jewellery is just so pretty. I absolutely adore FromNewLeaf jewellery, I have since I saw the below photo!


7. A Cloak

Well, I don’t just want a cloak for the sake of photos. I think it’d be quite fun to walk out in the snow with a velvet cloak on! Also would be good for cosplay… which one day I might start (but I’d want to trim down a little first).


8. A Crown/Tiara

So part of me wants to just dress up like a queen/princess and the other part of me is screaming – but look at the awesome photos people take with them! I guess it’d be win-win. Although I’d probably only wear it in the house…


9. Illustrated Books

Reasons to buy illustrated books:
• Usually a lot bigger so great for coffee table books.
• Seeing artwork of what you’re imagining whilst reading is awesome.
• You can open the book on a page and take an awesome photo.
Reasons not to buy them:
• Money. That is all.


10. All. The. Books.

This is pretty obvious, but the “shelfies” I’ve seen including so many awesome books and special editions are basically to die for! I mean who wouldn’t want a rainbow full of books in their room? Or a book tower?

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Added to this there are so many sharing upcoming releases and gushing over them (myself included, thank you NetGalley!) that my book wish list is basically never ending!

So, that’s my little wish list currently with examples of some of the inspiration behind it!

Psst, for some links to props for your own Bookstagram, check out this post by Storygram Tours.
Make sure to follow all these lovely Bookstagrammers too – you won’t regret it.


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