Book Review | The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson

Title: The Wren Hunt
Author: Mary Watson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Release Date: 8th February 2018
Pages: 196
Source: eARC from NetGalley


Goodreads Synopsis:

Every year on St Stephen’s Day, Wren Silke is chased through the forest in a warped version of a childhood game. Her pursuers are judges – a group of powerful and frightening boys who know nothing of her true identity. If they knew she was an augur – their sworn enemy – the game would be up.

This year, the tension between judges and augurs is at breaking point. Wren’s survival, and that of her family, depends on her becoming a spy in the midst of these boys she fears most and using her talent, her magic, to steal from them the only thing that can restore her family’s former power for good. But Wren’s talent comes with a price. The more she uses it, the more she loses her grip on reality and soon she’s questioning everything she’s ever known about her family, about augurs and judges, and about the dangerous tattooed stranger who most definitely is not on her side …


It took me a little longer to get into this book than it should have really, set in Ireland it’s full of words I hadn’t known which I guess made the pace I read it at a little slower. By the end however, there are so many twists that it had me gripped. I really loved the character of Tarc, and Wren became more interesting as the story itself unfolded.

One thing to mention is, although this is primarily a YA fantasy book, there’s definitely a strong romantic element to the story. In a Romeo and Juliet way though the romance is staged as a forbidden love which does make it a lot more intriguing. Wren is an ‘Augur’ whilst Tarc is a ‘Judge’ and although they are meant to be enemies Wren can’t help but feel an attraction to him from the start.

The story itself starts off with a chase, followed by a lot of questions. “Why is she being chased, who are these boys?” etc. Watson doesn’t give too much away quickly – instead adding to the questions you’ll have throughout. There are some huge twists to the story starting from around halfway through, and the story becomes more unique as it goes on. I loved this book by the ending and getting my questions answered throughout definitely helped me like this book much more.

I’d also definitely be interested in reading a follow up – though I felt it did end in a neat and tidy way I would like to see what’s next for Wren’s future!

If, like me, you’re a fan of magic and fantasy then this is a must read book for 2018.

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