OwlCrate Unboxing December 2017 | Seize the Day

I got my December OwlCrate box just before Christmas, which was perfect timing! The theme was ‘Seize the Day’ this time with items inspired by Harry Potter, Perks of Being a Wildflower, Percy Jackson and more…

The Book

This month features a contemporary young adult book called ‘Foolish Hearts’ by Emma Mills, with an exclusive cover that has a different colour scheme to the original (I’m definitely more of a fan of OwlCrate’s cover colours). I haven’t read a contemporary young adult story since I read Prep by Curtis Sittenfield, which must have been in 2008? Far too long ago anyway! I actually finished this book on the first day of the year… the same day I started reading it! My review can be found in detail here but basically I adore this book, it’s so cute and refreshing to read. The box also included a signed bookplate, a letter from the writer, and a seriously cute patch with Foolish Hearts on (I’m still working out what to do with that, but it’s safely inside my book for now).

Tote Bag

Let’s state the obvious – if it’s Harry Potter then I love it. This tote bag has the infamous lightning bolt on one side and is beautifully illustrated on the other with Ron’s quote – ‘Don’t let the muggles get you down’. I love the colour also, major fan of blue and so it’ll match about 99% of my wardrobe…

Book Planner

Okay so I started using the notebook I got in the November OwlCrate to write book notes in, but this is so much cooler being organised and will definitely help for my future book reviews too to keep them organised! The design is funky and I’m genuinely a stationery hoarder so I can’t complain with this one little bit!

The Candle


So basically I’ve been lusting after a bookish candle because of ‘bookstagram’ – which I blame for 80% of my life choices lately – and I’m so happy with the one that was included! Made by Novelly Yours, it’s green but with blue glitter on top and my only problem is that it looks too pretty to light… but it smells amazing so at the same time I’m excited to light it!


Another item by Juniper & Ivy Designs, this is inspired by Everything, Everything and it’s just so cute! I’m hoping to read Everything, Everything soon and I guess it’ll mean more to me after but it’s just such a cute bookish ornament it’s impossible not to love it!


I really need to read Percy Jackson, I adored the films so it’s definitely on my to read list. This magnet was exclusively created by Ink & Wonder Designs (I adore their woodmarks too, definitely worth a look).


This is double sided with a quote from Perks of Being a Wallflower on one side and The Serpent King on the other. It’s designed by Little Inklings Designs and I love the colours of it especially!


I really loved this month’s box, I absolutely adore that the book reintroduced me to contemporary fiction but with a nerdy side to it and I’m just so in love with the quality of the items that come in OwlCrate’s boxes!

And as an added bonus – it’s helping my bookcase look so much more awesome!

Next Month – Fearsome Fairy Tales

I AM SO EXCITED FOR JANUARY’S BOX. What we know so far – exclusive cover for the book completely different to normal cover, and the book comes actually signed (not just with a signed bookplate). The rest of the box will be based around classic tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Hansel & Gretel, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and more, being a fan of Grimm’s Fairy Tales I’m definitely excited for that!

I have one problem though, I’ve also ordered the January FairyLoot box and I’m about 90% sure they’ll have the same book! But I’ve heard it’s amazing and that would mean I have two different editions of the hardcover so I’d say that’s pretty good?


Do you subscribe to any book boxes?
If you’d like to get an OwlCrate subscription check out this link!


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