Revisiting My Ambitions For 2017

You may or may not have read my post on here at the start of the year with my ambitions for 2017.  Well, we’re now almost at the end of 2017 (which is scary) and I figured I’d write a little update about what I’ve achieved this year.

It seemed even more poignant today though because I’ve turned 24! I’m planning on taking some photos of a few of the awesome presents I got tomorrow and writing a little about it, but for now I’m working hard on a final assignment for university.

Goal 1: Get healthy

Health is a bit of a sore area for me. Physically, I’m still really out of shape and I 100% need to commit more time to the gym! Once I’ve got my assignment finished though I plan on getting stuck into a routine as soon as possible.

Goal 2: Be more creative

I guess my Etsy store means I’m achieving this goal! I’m getting back into my former hobbies such as drawing, Hama bead art and jewellery making. I’ve started making items out of polymer clay too and even making dragon eggs. Not to mention, I’ve sold 7 items that I’ve made so far! (And I am definitely proud of that.)

Goal 3: Step out of my comfort zone

When I first wrote my post on my ambitions, I didn’t talk about what I really meant by this. I wasn’t happy in my job and I wanted to leave it, but it was my comfort zone because it paid well. As you’ll know from this post I eventually made the decision to save up so I can go back to university to gain a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing. I don’t regret it at all, the more I learn about Digital Marketing the more I am convinced that a career as a content writer will be the perfect thing for me. I do miss my old work colleagues, but I’m excited to see what the future will bring for me. There’s also the little thing that I really love learning new things, so I’m happy to have the chance for that!

I could definitely be a little more daring though, I’d quite like to gain some magical confidence and be able to talk to new people easily for a start! (Note to self, add that to 2018 goals!)

Goal 4: Travel more

Okay so I’ve done pretty good with this one! I’ve managed to go to the Lake District, London, Barcelona, Ingleton and Tenerife this year. Of course, leaving my job and starting back at university meant there has been an issue of affording trips, but I’ve been happy to have less whilst getting closer to achieving my future ambitions!

I think my favourite destination was Barcelona due to all of the gothic architecture, but here are a few of my favourite photos from all:

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona © Luchia Houghton
Big Ben, London © Luchia Houghton
Tenerife Sunshine and Palms © Luchia Houghton

Goal 5: Learn to drive

Goal 5 has definitely been achieved! I started automatic lessons at the end of February and by mid-May I got my first car! I still feel like I’m learning each day though, and I celebrate the little things like being capable of parking in a parking bay like they’re the biggest achievements of my life… But I’m getting there. I guess this goal has now changed to wanting to be as good of a driver as my mum is.

All in all, this year has been pretty good when it comes to my goals (other than the first one, which I think I might always struggle with a little). I definitely feel like I’ve come a long way this year and I’m so looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings!


How are you doing with meeting your personal goals for 2017?

Feel free to leave a comment below!

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