OwlCrate Unboxing November 2017 | Castles, Courts and Kingdoms

Recently I mentioned that I’ve regained my love for reading, especially with regards to young adult fantasy. But one thing I absolutely had to try when I saw them on Instagram was a book subscription box. I had my eye on two – FairyLoot (UK based) and OwlCrate (US based), eventually going for OwlCrate even though it worked out slightly more expensive, as it meant I could get my first box in November (a month earlier than otherwise).

When it arrived (and it was ridiculously quick considering it was coming from America – having checked the tracking information it seemed they’d sent it earlier than expected even!) I fell in love with it, and I am so glad I subscribed! The contents were amazing for November, with the theme being ‘Castles, Courts and Kingdoms’ and having items inspired by Harry Potter (possibly my favourite item), Lord of the Rings, ACOMAF, and more.

So, without further ado, reasons to be jealous if you’re a fellow lover of books (and also why you should subscribe yourself!):

The Box Itself

Quick mention about this box because it honestly just looks so cute! I love the owl and how it says ‘Magical Monthly Read’ – seeing it just made me so excited to see what was inside!

OwlCrate Unboxing November 2017

Harry Potter ‘Expecto Patronum’ Beanie

I have not gone a chilly day without wearing this yet. My love for Harry Potter goes so far that I have two Harry Potter tattoos – the stag patronus on the back of my calf and a flying key on my forearm (both by the very talented Hannah-Leigh from Vintage Tattoo in Farnworth). So this hat, this hat is perfect.

The Glass Spare (Exclusive Cover)

This book looks beautiful and I’ve been reading it lately (book review coming soon) and it has one of my favourite things in… a strong female main character! I think that since reading Wonder Woman Warbringer and Throne of Glass I just need to read more stories with strong female main roles. It’s just so uplifting to read about. The cover is exclusive as there’s more purple in it than the standard version… and considering purple is one of my all-time favourite colours next to blue then I love that!

ACOMAF Quote Notebook

I’ve mentioned that I adore Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series and this is definitely one of my next series to read! The design is just so pretty on this notebook too (I don’t know if I can bring myself to write in it) that I love it. By Stella’s Bookish Art.

Other Items

Also included in the box were the following items:

December’s Box

Finally, within the box they provide a magazine and a promotional card for the next monthly box! The theme for December will be ‘Seize the Day’ as seen below. They still have boxes available too so check out OwlCrate if you’re interested after seeing this awesome box!

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