December Plans

Well we’re in December… already… somehow. This year has flown by!

I’m quite excited for this month, as I have my last assignment hand in date for my course in two weeks time and it’s a pretty fun one. And there’s also the little thing that it’s my 24th birthday on the 13th of December.*

On the subject of me being almost 24 years old… my advent calendar.

I’m really excited for my birthday this year, not for any birthday plans in particular but because the trailer for the next Jurassic World actually comes out on the day!

For the blogging news part, I had a low month in November, but I’ve done some mental decluttering and honestly I’m feeling so much more motivated for everything now! I’ve also finally sold a couple of my dragons on my Etsy store, so this month is already starting out great!

I’m going to pick up with the ‘Motivational Mondays’ posts again – starting with my favourite pick me up self help books this Monday – and be prepared for a lot more book content!

Expect the usual ‘new year’ things too, including plans and ambitions for the ever-nearing year of 2018. When I’ll be turning 25 by the end of it… (Honestly, I do not feel that old. Not at all.)

I’ll also be writing a few Christmas special posts, including some good ideas for gifts to buy or make for yourself!

On the subject of making things… I’m working on some wire wrapped jewellery to add to my Etsy store. For a sneak peak take a look at this one:

*Fun fact – also the date St. Lucia celebrates National Day (when they gained independence), and in Sweden it’s Saint Lucia’s Day. Entirely coincidental too; I was just named after my mother’s middle name.



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