Learning for a Career in Content Writing

As I’ve now mentioned a few times, I’m currently studying for a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing at the University of Salford. For a quick recap, I enjoyed publishing so much on this website (and the associated social media pages) that I realised I’d love nothing more than to gain a career in Digital Marketing. Specifically, I’d love to become a content writer.

By having a focus in creating web content and blogs, I feel it would suit me best as I love writing articles. I’ve especially enjoyed blogging about travel on this website, such as my trip to Tenerife and Barcelona this year.

That’s the main reason why I chose to study at Salford Business School. I want to improve my skill set and build upon it, to be knowledgeable in all areas connected to creating quality content. Thus far my learning has involved: using Google Analytics; the basics of marketing; and even digital innovation.

The key module which will help for my future ambitions is perhaps the current module I’m studying – Search and Social Media Marketing (SSMM).

SSMM for Content Writing

As mentioned, my ultimate goal is to become a content writer. With this in mind, keyword researching and search engine optimisation are key areas that I need to become very skilled in. This will enable me to write more effective blog posts and website content. I’ve had a little practice in this with my own blogging but prior to the module I was not aware of some key websites to check for keywords.

Keywords and Content Writing

One of the most important reasons why knowledge of keyword research is important to content writing is that it is highly related to that of SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation. Essentially, having a greater amount of keywords in your content writing means that search engines will be more likely to place them higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Prior to starting this course, I was aware of Google Adwords ‘Keyword Planner’. However, I hadn’t really been shown how to use it effectively. Now I’ve not only used the Keyword Planner, but I have also held a campaign for this very website through the tutoring for this module.

Another find from this course is that of Google Trends. I find it fascinating that you can take a few keywords and find out the patterns for them being searched throughout the year. Take a look at the below example using several content writing related words to see this in action! trends.embed.renderExploreWidget(“TIMESERIES”, {“comparisonItem”:[{“keyword”:”content writing”,”geo”:”GB”,”time”:”2016-11-29 2017-11-29″},{“keyword”:”copywriter”,”geo”:”GB”,”time”:”2016-11-29 2017-11-29″},{“keyword”:”article rewriter”,”geo”:”GB”,”time”:”2016-11-29 2017-11-29″},{“keyword”:”article writing”,”geo”:”GB”,”time”:”2016-11-29 2017-11-29″},{“keyword”:”blog writing”,”geo”:”GB”,”time”:”2016-11-29 2017-11-29″}],”category”:0,”property”:””}, {“exploreQuery”:”geo=GB&q=content%20writing,copywriter,article%20rewriter,article%20writing,blog%20writing&date=2016-11-29 2017-11-29,2016-11-29 2017-11-29,2016-11-29 2017-11-29,2016-11-29 2017-11-29,2016-11-29 2017-11-29″,”guestPath”:””});

Social Media for Content Writing

Social media itself could easily be counted as a very separate, important area of digital marketing. Especially considering the rise of social media, and the frequency of using the platforms (see below).
social media for content writing

(Image Source: Our Social Times, 2017)

I’m an avid fan of using social media for promoting blog posts (with Facebook being my favourite platform). You can usually tailor your audience on most social platforms for adverts. Using hashtags is also a great way to gain followers on Twitter and Instagram (who will hopefully keep returning for new posts they hear about).

Why Content Writing?

Blogging is something which I had actually been doing during my first year at University for my Bachelors Degree. I used to blog about jewellery and the occasional post around photography. Looking back on it if I had been more interested in the content I was writing about, then it would be something that I was still doing to date.

That’s essentially what I’ve learned from starting this new website/blog. Writing about things that you’re passionate about makes a great deal of difference. Not only to your writing, but even to gaining a connection with your audience.



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