A Trip to Chester Zoo

I’ve never been one to hold back on how much I love a trip to Chester Zoo, and I try to go once a year if I can do (I usually can’t go more than that, as the day usually ends at Cheshire Oaks and I have the lowest willpower of anyone ever). Anyway, right now there are so many cute baby animals that it made for the perfect Bank Holiday weekend day out.

I took only my macro lens to see how it fared at the zoo, but I did get a little sidetracked by a bee on a flower because of that! I regret not taking my zoom lens as well, but hopefully I’ll get another chance to take it at some point. Regardless, I’m fairly happy with some of the snaps I got below! And thank you as always to my boyfriend Jamie for posing for yet another annoying portrait (but with some cute zebras in the background this time too).


I now have about a month off university so expect lots more updates, including updates to my eBay and Etsy store!



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