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So lately I’ve been a little slack when it comes to updates on here, as I mentioned in my last post.

This post is just a little heads up to the things I’ve been making, or at least learning how to make! Obviously I’m still carrying on with the Hama bead work, but I’m trying to master the art of polymer clay (it’s more difficult than expected!) as well as practicing my drawing.

I’ll be putting some of these on my Etsy store so let me know if you’re interested in one or something similar!

Hama Bead Creations:

Okay so this huge Hama piece is something I’ve made for my boyfriend as an anniversary present. It’s to match the Arrow and Flash piece I’ve done in the last year, next up will be three Marvel pieces in a similar way!


I really want to get back into drawing. I used to draw a lot more whilst at university and it’s such a relaxing hobby. Here’s a little go I had the other day at drawing Baby Groot.

Polymer Clay Creations:

Practice makes perfect, right? I tried to use polymer clay about a year and a half ago and regardless of how much I tried I just couldn’t work with it at all. It was still something I really wanted to be able to learn how to make things with though so I started trying again a couple of weeks ago, and I’m definitely starting to see improvements! The final piece is a Fallout inspired dragon, but working with lighter colours is difficult as the darker ones seem to dye them easily!


Jewellery making is a hobby of mine that I used to put an awful lot of effort into, but I’m glad I’m getting back into it again for definite! I make string bead bracelets currently but I’m hoping to learn a few new tricks, and possibly make more pendants from polymer clay even.


My mum and grandma recently went on a holiday so I wanted to do a little something cute for them for when they got back, which resulted in this frame. Bolucheval is what we call our house and, as you can see, it’s a word made up of our names and my late grandad’s. Simple yet meaningful!



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