SD Card Holders

Okay so I am one of the worst people when it comes to misplacing items by putting them somewhere “safe” (i.e. in some drawer, somewhere…). This happened most recently to me with my 128GB SD card and I freaked out completely.

Photographers in particular really need to make sure that their photos are as safe as possible. Digitally you should always always back up everything (at least twice, just to be on the safe side). That’s a whole other issue though compared to the physical storage of your cards containing those all important photos! Even if your SD cards don’t hold your photos on, it’s a pretty well known fact that cards with storage up to 128GB can get costly, so in no situation would you want to misplace them!

I had a look around for a solution to this and found the Beeway Memory Card Carrying Case Holder. It’s waterproof, comes with a case and even a carabiner if you’re an active, climbing photographer. For only £8.99 I think it was a pretty good buy and my cards are now neatly placed inside and protected!

(I took the below photos on my light box I mentioned in my last post, definitely enjoying making use of it!)



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