Light Boxes

So a few months back I spent about £30 on a light box… and it wouldn’t even fit together. The connecting pieces wouldn’t stick on and in all honesty it was a train wreck. It took me a while to get the guts to try it again (and the need to be greater – eBay is a necessity right now!) but I’ve finally found a great little light box, and it didn’t cost the earth either!

For just £22.99 you can get this Amzdeal Light Box which is 30x30cm, comes with 4 different colour backgrounds, the LED lighting, and free delivery even. What’s not to love?

Why Invest In A Light Box?

Light boxes are especially useful for product photography, from food photography to photos for selling items on eBay or Amazon. The basics are that you don’t have to worry about distracting backgrounds and you get full control over the lighting of the product. When it comes to taking the photo, the great thing about the set up is you can achieve professional photos even off just your smart phone. If you’re shooting off a DSlr and can control ISO then set it as low as possible (ISO 100 is always best to reduce any noise) and change your aperture depending on the result you want (low aperture = less focus, high = more in focus). A light box is something you could make yourself if you have the time for it, but for myself, I need to put some things on eBay pronto so time was an issue. So I went on Amazon and looked for the best value light box with the best reviews too – so with 4.7/5 stars I went for the above mentioned light box.

The Box

So when you first open the contents one thing might shock you if you’re not expecting it – it’s incredibly compact! It lives up to it’s name though because it is of course aimed at being portable. You’ll get – the box in it’s compact form, the 4 backdrops, and the connector for the LED lights (already fixed onto the inside of the box). The user manual is a little bit on the small side in terms of advice – but you basically just pull the box out by the sides. Take care so that you don’t accidentally break it and pull the triangular flaps out first.

Setting It Up 

Once you’ve unfolded the box, connect it through the velcro which is attached to each side and then you just have to connect the LED light system to a power source through the cable. Now the easiest way to do so is through your laptop (mine is on the below photos, with the extra piece being a convertor for USB-A to USB-C).

Putting It Into Practice

Still not convinced that a light box such as this one will make your life easier? Take a look at a few of these photos to see the results you can get with one. I’ll likely be using it a lot more in future posts also, as I’m planning on a lot more posts to help with what equipment is useful for photography so, as always, make sure to be following me on social media for more hints and tips!

Flower 2017 © Luchia Houghton
Flower 2017 © Luchia Houghton
Flower 2017 © Luchia Houghton
Flower 2017 © Luchia Houghton
Flower 2017 © Luchia Houghton
Flower 2017 © Luchia Houghton
Flower 2017 © Luchia Houghton
Flower 2017 © Luchia Houghton
Flower 2017 © Luchia Houghton

As you can see from the above photos, the results you get from each colour background can vary quite a lot. For artistic purposes, the black background is beautiful to use. I’m not too much of a fan of the green, especially as it reflects easily off the flowers. But it could work with other items possibly. The white background definitely works great for making the flowers stand out, and the blue is quite nice for giving the impression that these photos have been taken outside.



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