Smithills Open Farm and Moss Bank Park, Bolton

At the start of the month I took a trip out to Smithills Open Farm, followed by going just a little further down the road to Moss Bank Park, both in Bolton.

Smithills Open Farm

A few years back, I actually did some work experience at Smithills Open Farm, it’s a great place and all the staff there really look after the animals. First up, for the little ones there is: a petting farm (with the cutest baby animals); a tractor ride you can take around the farm; educational displays of how they milk the cows; donkey rides; and, if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a park for them to play on. Not to mention, anyone can grab some animal feed for a small price and feed lots of the animals there (but be prepared – it can get your hands messy!). Along with the expected farm animals, you’ll find: llamas; a coati; some cute reptiles; the most adorable set of meerkats; and more! It’s a fun day out regardless of age, but it’ll really be great for families! The best thing about it for Spring too is the amount of lambs being born – definitely adorable to see!


Moss Bank Park

With it being just a little bit further down the road, Moss Bank Park should be idyllic next place to visit. For those with children, I’d say it probably is (it has a pretty big children’s’ park). But if you’re after a visit somewhere for the scenery,  it could do with a little more TLC. There are some elements which are pretty nice, so if you have some more time I wouldn’t completely write it off, but otherwise maybe spend a little more time at Smithills.

To see the rest of the photos click here for the full gallery!

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